Furniture Removal in the Cincinnati Area

Jay’s Junk Removal is a local business near you that can pick up old furniture at your home, business, or rental property!

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Jay’s Junk Removal can haul your furniture away in the Cincinnati Metro and surrounding areas! Our staff has the muscle and the experience necessary to remove furniture without causing any damage or injuries. You won’t have to do any of the work. In fact, you’re free to pop a bowl of popcorn and just watch. It won’t take us long to load up our truck and get out of your hair!

Our Furniture Haul Away Service

Old furniture removal can be a real doozy and could be the difference between a comfortable day off and back pain. Want to avoid this tough work? Then let our talented junk haulers take your furniture away for you.

  • Hauling furniture up or down a flight of stairs won’t be a problem for our dependable crew.
  • We know how to maneuver furniture around carefully so we don’t scuff your walls or floors.
  • After loading up your furniture in our truck, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves so we don’t leave a trace.
  • Lightly used furniture items will be donated to local charities instead of taken straight to the dump!
Why Jay’s Junk Removal?

Here’s why you should choose Jay’s Junk Removal over the franchise-based competition.

  • Locally owned. By giving us your business, you’re supporting your regional economy. Franchises send your money out of the area, which is no fun.
  • Upfront quotes. No more scratching your head and wondering how much you’re paying to get rid of your furniture. We’ll tell you the final price upfront.
  • No hidden fees. Some companies will gleefully assault you with hidden fees and surcharges. Not us. Our asking price remains the same from start to finish.
Our Junk Removal Services
Sofa Removal
Couch removal is nothing short of easy for our crew. Point us to your unwanted sofa, and they’ll whisk it out the front door and onto our truck.
Mattress Removal
Whether you’re a homeowner that needs to get rid of one mattress or a hotel that needs to get rid of several dozen, we’re your go-to place for mattress removal.
Dresser Removal
Dressers, armoires, and wardrobes that you don’t want anymore shouldn’t just stick around your place and take up valuable room. Let’s reclaim that space!
Desk Removal
Big desks, small desks, and everything in between…when desks pile up, and you need to get rid of them, give us a call, whether you’re a school or an office.
Chair Removal
With every desk comes a chair. Good news: we can take care of those, too. Our crew works fast and diligently so you’re not tied up with us all day long.

Items We Take

  • Tables
  • Vanities
  • Sectionals
  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Bedframes
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Nightstands
  • Benches

Let’s Make Furniture Removal Happen!


Need us to remove your furniture? Then get in touch with us by contacting us online or calling us at 513-223-0814.


On the day of your appointment, we’ll give you a courtesy call as we start approaching your location. Consider it a heads-up!


We will always provide you with a firm, upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment so you know what you’re paying from the start.