Junk Removal in Cincinnati, OH

When looking for companies that do junk removal in Cincinnati, OH, consider Jay’s Junk Removal, a local business!

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What’s the biggest attraction in Cincinnati? Is it Great American Ball Park? The Cincinnati Zoo and Aquarium? Or is it the pile of junk that’s been building up in your home or business? Don’t let your clutter spiral out of control. Instead, contact Jay’s Junk Removal and let us know you need junk removal in Cincinnati promptly!

About Our Cincinnati Junk Hauling

Jay’s Junk Removal is the premier junk removal business near you, and our professional staff want nothing more than to be at your service! Why don’t you take a break while we clean up your clutter for you? You’ll be glad you let us help you out.

  • Don’t strain yourself hauling heavy junk. Our fully trained team will take care of the hard work for you.
  • No need to rent a truck or visit the local dump. We’ll bring our truck and load your junk into it.
  • We are always happy to see you, and we also maintain well-groomed, well-dressed appearances.
  • We’ve got enough experience in junk removal to finish your appointment FAST. Save time by choosing us!
Get an Upfront Quote

We’ll tell you what you’re paying for your appointment upfront so you’re not left asking questions about our prices until it’s too late to back out. We are straightforward and honest with you—no exceptions!

  • Need a cost estimate? Get in touch with us today, tell us about your unwanted items, and we’ll approximate the price for you.
  • On your appointment day, we’ll look over the clutter and give you an accurate upfront quote based on how much junk you have.
  • Our quotes come at no obligation or cost to you. We only start working once you’ve looked over our quote and agreed to it.
  • Never pay hidden fees or surcharges with Jay’s Junk Removal. We leave those dirty tactics to our competitors!

Our Cincinnati Junk Removal Services

Furniture Removal

Furniture can be tough to carry on your own, so why bother? Instead, call on us, and we’ll haul away your sofas, tables, dressers, and other furniture items.

Construction Debris Removal

Got construction waste? We’ll clean up drywall, lumber, metal beams, insulation, and other debris from your jobsite.

Yard Debris Removal

Don’t just let your lawn stay dirty. Instead, let us collect your sticks, leaves, brush, tree stumps, and more. Boom! Tidy yard!

Appliance Removal

Your old and unwanted appliances don’t belong in the landfill when you could have them recycled instead. Don’t worry. We’ll take them to a recycling facility for you.

Clean Outs

Whether you’re working with a residential space, a commercial space, or a rental property, we can declutter it from top to bottom for you. We work fast!

Items We Take

  • Hot Tubs
  • Electronics
  • Mattresses
  • Bagged Trash
  • Hoarder Junk
  • Carpets
  • Play Equipment
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Recyclable Materials

Get Started With Jay’s Junk Removal!


You can receive same-day or next-day service if you book today! Simply contact us online or give us a phone call at 513-223-0814.


We don’t leave you frustrated because we showed up late. Instead, you’ll be pleased to see us roll up right on time. No exceptions.


We’ll take a look at your clutter before providing you with an upfront quote. We think you’ll agree our prices are fair and affordable! Then, we’ll haul away your junk!